Images of disappeared, or nearly disappeared, African tradition

Kitchepo stickfighters

Few regions in the world can be described as real areas of primitive life. In southeast Sudan, near South Ethiopia border, mountains and rivers have isolated one such region which is the home of the Kitchepo stick fighters, near Boma Mt. and Kangen River. The particular geographical situation has preserved the pure way of life of its different tribes. The Kitchepo have fought against its neighbour tribes since immemorial time to defend their territory. These are wars of survival: in poor seasons, they must resort to stealing from their neighbours, and this arouses permanent hostility between the tribes. One of the most spectacular celebrations is the Stick fighting ritual. Kitchepo men prove their bravery and acquire social prestige through stick fighting. Moreover, the fight  helps them prepare for the eventuality of war against neighbour tribes. Kitchepo also go hunting, specially during antelopes seasonal migration across their territory.


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