Images of disappeared, or nearly disappeared, African tradition

Mursi 1

The Mursi, inhabitants of the Omo Valley in southwest Ethiopia have sometimes been driven to the "cool ground" of the highlands by drought. The Mursi of Ethiopia have no chiefs or leaders, and reach all decisions through tribal debates. Drought and famine are forcing the Mursi into contact with the outside world. Affected by both the proximity of a market village and the destruction of their cattle by tsetse flies. "Nitha", the Age Set Ceremony, bestows adulthood on a group of Mursi men. Mursi survival is constantly threatened by neighbours, the Bume, armed with automatic firearms, who recently killed 500 Mursi. The Mursi of Ethiopia remain faithful to their culture and traditions such as herding cattle and growing sorghum even after a series of natural (especially drought) and man-made disasters.


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