Images of disappeared, or nearly disappeared, African tradition


The Nuba Mountains in Sudan are among the most remote locations in Africa, far from trade-routes and civilization. Nuba culture is extraordinarily rich and varied. Cultural diversity is equally marked, yet dissimilar groups have adjusted to living in similar conditions. The Nuba are largely farmers, cultivating fields in the hills, at the foot of the hills, and in the plains. The main crops are sorghum, beans and sesame. Rain dependence contributed to many rituals with ceremonies to encourage the rain, conducted by rainmakers known as "kujur" whose power equal that of the chief of the tribe. One of the most important traditions in the whole area of the Nuba Mountains is "Sibir", to indicate the beginning of different seasons of human activities ( Sibir of Fire, of Cultivation, Wrestling, Hunting, Crops ) and Kambala dance.


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